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  • Review: Ex Machina


    Already widely renowned for his previous screenplays (28 Days Later, Sunshine) and novels (The Beach, Tesseract), Alex Garland has finally brought something new and chillingly […]

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  • Review: The Water Diviner

    Russell Crowe in The Water Diviner. Photograph: Mark Rogers

    True stories seem to be all Hollywood cares about these days. Or, rather, films based off of true stories — a distinction which audiences seem […]

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  • Review: Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter


    As if in tribute to the film it was inspired by, KUMIKO, THE TREASURE HUNTER was helmed by two brothers: David and Nathan Zellner bring […]

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  • Review: While We’re Young

    Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as fortysomething couple Josh and Cornelia in While We're Young.

    Noah Baumbaugh offers a structurally messy but overall enjoyable flick in WHILE WE’RE YOUNG, a film that broaches the subject of age and of authenticity. […]

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  • Review: Woman In Gold


    If you’re going to make a film based on someone’s life, the goal is to do that life justice. Unfortunately, that’s a harder task than […]

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  • Review: It Follows


    The film opens with a girl rushing out of her house in the middle of the night in her nightgown, staring at her house in […]

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